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Real Estate Web Templates Private Label Program

Am I a candidate for EZ SiteLaunch Private Label?
If your organization or company has access to a network of real estate agents or if your current web traffic is composed of people within the real estate industry, you are a perfect candidate for a Private Label Program.

What is EZ SiteLaunch Private Label?
Essentially, the theory of the Private Label Program is that we replicate our site in your brand on a domain name of your choice and give you a percentage of all revenues.

Add Value to your business or organization
Offering your members or customer base an efficient, inexpensive and reliable way to purchase affordable web templates on a site with your corporate branding and identity will not only add value to your existing business but encourage new business as well.

Fully Automated System
EZ SiteLaunch delivers a fully automated system with all registration, payment and administration transactions processed in real time. We provide you with a 'Launch Control Panel' that lets you carry out all required administrative functions. You can track your revenue flows.

A sophisticated database is maintained generating a variety of reports These include data pertaining to registrations, renewals, revenues and site traffic.

No Customer Billing required by Resellers
As a qualified reseller, using the EZ SiteLaunch web template system, your revenue is generated each time a customer transaction is made.

Can you explain the revenue sharing?
You receive 10% of all revenues up to 50 customers (or $2 a month per customer) and then receive 20% (or $4 a month per customer) of all revenues beyond the 51st customer. As an example, let’s assume your Private Label site has generated 77 customers. Your revenues would be the following:

For the first 50 customers, you’ll receive $2 a month or $100;
For the next 27 customers, you’ll receive $4 a month or $108;

Making your monthly total $208, and your annual total $2,496! All at no cost to you, and that’s assuming only 77 customers!

We pay you on the 1st of every month for your previous month's sale(s). All checks are mailed within 5 days of the first of each month.

How much does it cost?
EZ SiteLaunch can get your web template business up and running at NO COST* to you, we will include access to our web design team which will work closely with you to ensure your site is fully branded in your corporate ID and matches your look and feel. There's no software to purchase, no hardware costs, no system integration required and no hidden costs.

Is there a catch?
Absolutely not! You don't have to create any documents or contracts; you can refer the customer to the terms and conditions of use of the service we will provide for you. We even take care of all technical and administrative inquiries that relate to the purchase and administration of web templates from your site.

Contact us at or
call 1-866-302-3773 toll free to speak to a
private label specialists and get started today!

*To qualify for this package site branding is limited to the established structure and architecture of our private label template, additional customization could result in set-up fees.


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